body relax 150 ml

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DR. SCHWARZENBACH® body relax lotion is a phyto serum lotion made from 100% premium-quality plant-based active substances. It helps in the treatment of muscle cramps and tension in the shoulders, back, thighs and calves.

The lotion relieves feelings of tension and pain in skin and muscles, and fosters an all-round relaxed sense of well-being (*).

The relaxing effect is achieved without heat or massage.

*subjective evaluation involving 38 subjects: in 95% of cases, significant relaxation and pain relief in the tense muscles was observed.

Dermatologically tested: rated as "very good"

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The skin possesses large numbers of specific sensory cells (receptors). The BioSynergaRelax complex (kava kava, Ginkgo biloba) and Aroma Complex II (which consists of four essential oils) stimulate the appropriate skin receptors and these stimuli are passed on via skin nerves to deeper-lying structures.

This relieves feelings of tension and pain.

The use of plant-based microcarrier systems (NaturalCarrierSystem) reinforces the effect of DR.SCHWARZENBACH® body relax lotion.

body relax contains no parabens, synthetic colours or fragrances, emulsifiers, silicones, paraffins or other refined petroleum products.

Apply 2- 3 times a day to the affected areas of the body. Repeat several times if necessary.

The gel is absorbed within seconds and does not leave an unpleasant odour on the skin.

The high level of active natural substances gives the lotion its colour and may stain light-coloured fabrics.

Properties of the active substances

  • Ginkgo biloba - antioxidant, improves microcirculation
  • Kava kava - relaxes, calms
  • Aroma complex - calms, relaxes, has a harmonising effect

Kava kava was introduced to western medicine as early as the 1960s, after it was proven that extracts of the plant had a relaxing and calming effect and alleviated cramps. Kava kava contains several ingredients: kavalactones (resin), flavonoids or flavonoid chalcones, organic acids, pyrroline alkaloids, ketones, sterols and long-chain alcohols. Investigations of spasmolysis activity (alleviation of cramps) involving all kavalactones revealed a musculotropic-spasmolytic (muscle-relaxing) effect.

Ginkgo biloba is obtained from the ginkgo tree, which is also known as the tree of life because of its resistance. Extracts from the leaves of the tree contain a mixture of active ingredients consisting of flavones, terpenes and ginkgolides. These substances improve circulation in the brain and other organs by increasing blood flow and protecting vascular walls. It has also been scientifically proven that Ginkgo biloba is a more powerful antioxidant than vitamin E.

Zitronella Nelken Pfefferminz Wintergrün (Gaultheria) Piper methysticum (Kawa Kawa) Ginko Biloba