About Dr. Schwarzenbach

The Swiss company DR.SCHWARZENBACH COSMETICS AG develops, tests and produces premium-quality natural skincare products.

Corporate philosophy

The main focus is on developing premium-quality natural medical-pharmaceutical and dermatologically tested cosmetic products consisting of:

- phyto extracts (plant extracts)
- natural lipids
- essential oils

Products from the LIFE SCIENCE COSMETICS line also include

- plant-based original tinctures

as an important ingredient. The effect of original tinctures allows "the whole essence of plants" to unfold.


All products contain state-of-the-art, scientifically proven and tested natural active substances. Products are continuously adapted to the latest standard and improved. During the development and test phase of each product, a decision is made about how appropriate and promising it is for purely plant-based active substances to be used in production. Wherever possible, natural active substances are used to enrich the colour and fragrance of products to prevent any chemical changes to the active substances. Hypoallergenic additives are only used in the smallest concentrations if they are required for reasons of stability or smell, of if their efficacy has been proven in trials. All products are dermatologically tested.

With a combination of large numbers of natural active substances tailored to the area of application, specially developed BioSynerga complexes are used to reinforce the effect of the individual active substances. Efficacy is further increased with the NaturalCarrierSystem, which is produced by DR.SCHWARZENBACH COSMETICS AG. This system transports active substances to the deeper layers of the skin.

DR. SCHWARZENBACH® products contain no preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, colours or fragrances, silicones, paraffins or other refined petroleum products. The metabolism of the skin cannot make use of these synthetic substances.


For the DR.SCHWARZENBACH - LIFE SCIENCE COSMETICS Beauty and Spa line, which comprises the cellulite, body relax and veno relax products, research and development focus specifically on phytotherapy and predominantly use original tinctures, natural extracts and essential oils.

The top priority for the visage cream in the DR.SCHWARZENBACH - LIFE SCIENCE COSMETICS line consists of gentle skin care, reducing skin ageing, maintaining the skin´s moisture content, and enhancing the skin´s own regeneration and elasticity.


For the DR.SCHWARZENBACH - SPECIAL SKIN CARE lipo protect and skin protect products, research and development focus on stressed ageing skin and on the development of balanced natural care products.

As a rule, unnatural lipid contents in skin care products form a thick fatty film, which blocks pores. and means that toxins and perspiration are eliminated more slowly. The skin´s ability to breathe, the body´s own metabolic and regeneration mechanisms, and hydrolipid balance all suffer, too. The regular application of products with unnatural lipid contents also impairs the skin´s ability to produce its own lipids and moisture, which results in skin becoming increasingly dry over time.

Premium-quality natural plant oils replace the industrially manufactured petroleum products Vaseline and paraffin. Although this means that the overall lipid content is reduced, the increased percentage of plant oils activates and supports the skin´s natural regeneration and protective lipid barrier. These plant oils include, for example, safflower oil and evening primrose oil, which are rich in the body´s own lipid molecules such as linoleic acid and unsaturated omega fatty acids.